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Mark, thanks a bunch for digging out the defrost venting for me.

Slick, I have faith in epoxy, but I don’t want to bury it behind the dash. Should my repair fail, the rattling would annoy me to no end and it’d have to come back out. I think I will have to epoxy the main blower box back together. The two halves are sandwhiched by plastic rivots/welding or some kind of heating process.

There are twelve of these “fasteners” holding the two halves together.

I want to clean the urine rust and replace the foam seals inside. So it’ll have to come apart. At least if the epoxy fails, the entire dash won’t have to be removed for me to try again.

I tried to buy carpet underpadding today to replace the insulation on the passenger side of the firewall. Most the insulation was turned into nest, and likely not possible to clean the porous material very well. My local home hardware does not carry it, so I’ll have to save it for a trip to the “big city”.  Plan is to adhere some waterproof membrane leftover from a tiling job, to new carpet underpadding using the old liner as a template.  Should be cheap enough to do, and would help to keep heat isolated out of the cabin.

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