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Yep, the ultra grey, was happy with it last time, seems to have sealed perfectly this time as well

Bought a new battery yesterday, and a digital multimeter which was 70% off.

Alternator is charging well and the bearing spins smooth, put the battery in, everything is good.

Been looking around for a winch line retainer (little nylon strap that keeps the line from free spooling too far out). Once I find one, bumper and winch are coming out, sanding and prepping for paint. Really wanted to go with an oem landcruiser colour, galactic grey mica but figured with the way bugs explode all over the pretty much vertical plate and since I use the top flat part as a table for tools I’d make do with regular flat grey.

After painting the bumper I’ll be mounting my homemade skids after I clean up the edges and paint them black to match my frame :). Really wish I could afford the front skid and T case skid from skid row as my front splash guard is pretty mangled but still usable. I could then modify my trans and oil pan/front diff skid to work with them and everything in terms of underbody protection would be complete.




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