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Update: 469999km. Went to start my truck after it had been sitting a while, thought maybe my battery would be dead, nope started up just fine, let it run for a few minutes, turned it off. A few minutes later decided I’d head into town to pick up 2 40″ inch brake lines, some brake fluid and diff oil in preparation to swap in the lower km lsd third member from the green truck. Turn the key, crank, crank, crank, crank, crank…. nothing, won’t start. “That’s weird”. Look under the hood, pop the fuse box cover off, everything looks fine, pop the cover back on, turn the key crank,  start, “hmm… odd”. Make it about three km from the driveway, turn onto the highway, step on it, made it to about 50km/h, truck sputtered and died, pulled onto the shoulder. Crank, crank, crank, crank. “What now”. Tow home and a bit of research, fuel pump relay, popped the one out of the green truck fuse box, popped it in, crank, start. “haha”.

So, picked up everything I needed to swap the rear third. Get everything on jack stands and pull the passenger side tire, brake drum covered in diff fluid, “great”, and the inside of my wheel about a half inch of dirt built up on the inside where the fluid settled. So the vibration problem solved now time to fix the leak, luckily I have a spare axle/wheel end, cleaned the brake shoes swapped them and the wheel cylinder over, put the third in, slid the axles in, redid the brake lines, bled the brakes and poured in the diff fluid. Everything is perfect now.

Today, figured I’d hook up my winch, free spool it out, and spool it back in to see how my new winch works. Turned the key, hooked up the controller, started spooling in the winch line, winch line about halfway spooled in, the truck turns off, “weird”, turn it back on, “oh radio was on, turn the radio off, spool the rest of the line in, “works good” turn the truck off. about an hour later turn the key, click, click, click “oh I must have killed the battery”, try to jump start it, click, click, click… nothing. “So I really killed the battery”.

So tomorrow is new battery day, going to check if my alternator is charging as well.

Oh yeah, and I tried to swap the spiral cable and guess what

2003 spiral cables are different than 2002 spiral cables, so I guess I’m not fixing my cruise, at least not in the near future.

At least the gasket maker sealed my rear diff, right?


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