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The first set of Chevys were the 1988-95, 4wd springs junk yard specials, and they were cheap but worn out.

I later replaced them with Canadian made Standens, 22-795 direct replacement 63” Chevy springs, 4 leaf + overload spring. They were perfect for my rig. I’ll be duplicating that setup again.

The Standens were great springs. Truck loaded or unloaded with the weight of gear, they road amazingly. Ton of flex and stable without running a sway bar. In fact they have so much flex I ripped my old e-locker harness apart. I may add limiting straps this time around. That being said I swapped the e-locker out and replaced it with a mechanical cable actuator…. IMO, WAY MORE reliable. My elocker harnes was short to begin with, extending the harnes would have been a pain. Another issue with my elocker was, the housing corroded through and destroyed the internal actuator. I tried finding a used one without success, most were in similar condition and Toyota wanted $900 for a new one…. eek!

In other news, the hospital called me  last week and asked me to come in for a CT scan of my knee. They looked at my X-ray again after I went back for a third time, hoping to get my knee drained. They found a fracture in my upper tibia (Proximal Tibia) 10 day after the fact. The fracture doesn’t need surgery at the moment as long as fracture doesn’t expand. Looks like I’ll be out of commission for about 3 months. I had the choice of a cast or leg brace, I chose the brace. Still working, but on light (boring) duty.

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