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Hey Nick, I think the Yoda has a computer from a 22R carbed motor in it. It may not have rev limiter, or perhaps the controlling method does not carryover to the EFI motor.

Historically the 22re is rock solid. Gotta rev them up a bit for power, but as reliable as they come. Pretty sure your motor has a performance camshaft, and the long tube header. Maybe the extra intake length of snorkel is creating the sensation of valve float you’re feeling. Bone stalk, brand new a 22re has 140ft/lbs, around 116hp…not sure actual impact of the cam&header

A lot of the VW diesels are mechanical. Your only wiring would be for gauges and fuel transfer.

Your winter plans sound like mine from last year, but with limited welding skills I didnt get much accomplished. Looking forward to seeing the changes.

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