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So after weeks of the 18gallon ford tank in and out chasing leaks a brand new 18 gallon rear ford tank is on order to be installed hopefully for the last time. Being able to get out for a few shake downs inbetween massive fuel leaks had to use the winch once and possibly discovered either valve float or the 87 computer has no rev limiter in it ? I feel like the under powered 22re may become an ever growing issue with a lot of mechanical background and motor swaps what are every ones opinions on either rebuilding one of the many 22r /re blocks I have around to a mild performance build or preforming a motor swap to something along the lines of a Volkswagen tdi or a 2.2 ecotec I feel like this rig would be amazing with somewhere along the lines of 150hp/lbft at the flywheel . Wiring is a massive issue that is more and more showing it’s ugly face . This winter will be sad to see it all torn apart for the body lift removal rock slider and bumper re mounting and leaf pack adjustments hoping to get the roof of the runner down 5″ so it will squeeze into my shed I call a garage. Yea I know it’s a shame to “lower” this rig but being . A family toy I feel like its height will lead to a roll over and not something I’d like to put my family thru .. opinions on the cage would be helpful too. Should it be tied into the frame ? As it is now it’s only bolted to the rusty floor

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