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Not sure how Cathy feels about it, but my wife Sam would be more upset that I hurt “Her door”than the actual event itself.

A few years back with my old rusty 4Runner, I used a low tree stump as a pivot point (to perform a front dig) to get out of a place I should not have been wheeling. Despite a successful exit with “Security” on our tails, my wife (gf at the time) was still plenty upset about the dent she had to look at everytime she got into the truck.  It was about the size of a baseball, low on the rocker panel….but it was “Her door”.  I evened it up with a headlight to taillight scratch down the drivers side a few months later (unintentionally), and that somehow brought closure to the issue.  I guess the scratch was uglier than the dent in her opinion.  Still I maintain it was unintentional and not a plan I care to endorse.

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