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<p style=”text-align: left;”>What a fantastic weekend. Cathy and I arrived late Friday night (11pm) everyone was still awake. :)</p>
Camp life was awesome. Tons and tons of laughs were shared.

We ran the north trail Saturday afternoon.

The plan was to hit the train tracks to take a group photo and turn around and head back to camp.

Well it didn’t happen that way.

When we made it to the tracks I stayed tight to the right hand side so the others could squeeze in and we could take a photo. But it turned out the ditch was over grown and drove/slid into it. Lucky there was a few trees about 8-10″ round that someone had cut but left them about 5′ tall. They dug into the side of my truck and kept it from rolling over.

2 winches and a chainsaw and lot of frantic people and we got it out. Not damage free but we got it out!

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