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We had a surprisingly calm interaction (after my initial angry outburst, where I stop my video before seeing me exit my truck) It was an older women, who as you see in the video doesn’t stop after impact as she panics and goes to slam the brake but presses down her gas pedal.


At the scene, I thought she was attempting to run away (not yet knowing who was in their vehicle) and then as they pulled over and I caught up, I approached the driver window and was, we’ll say, sternly demanding she exit her car. Then I quickly noticed that both her side doors were dented in and I wasn’t sure if she could even open the door.


As her window was cracked, I was able to see who the driver was and just began to calm down and began making sure she was alright. Her and her niece looked beyond scared. So while waiting for the police to respond, I just made sure she was ok and comfortable. There was no ill intend on her part, just a dumb mistake in not understanding a traffic circle. We spoke on the side of the road, and she claimed fault even before I needed to use my cam footage. Even got a thank you from them at the end for how I handled things lol, my wife was so impressed by me.


Still waiting now however to hear how long on the repairs. Rental car should arrive Monday as being on holidays we would make due with just our Runner, so I figured I’d save some money and just get it once needed. Missing the Tundra however, driveway looks bare!

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