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Did a bit of general maintenance this weekend, wasn’t very productive with the heat. There were some things that needed to be addressed. Replaced one of the steering rack bellows, changed the front diff fluid, swapped the fill and drain plugs for the front diff from my other diff cause they were completely stripped, reinstalled the inner fender liner and finally got to adjusting the alignment. The driver side cams definitely weren’t torqued to spec when the frame was replaced at the dealer. I evened everything out and put a little more caster in and straightened the steering wheel. Got the front splash guard mounted, was debating redoing the engine pan skid plate, after some measuring and thinking I realized I wouldn’t be able to make it much better, also waiting for some cooler weather and want to spend a little more time drilling and relocating the bolt holes so that’ll wait for another day.

I changed the front diff fluid with amsoil this time around. The fluid I changed out looked oem toyota, clean but the particles on the magnet were coarser (Moab?) than those from my other diff which was using royal purple, I’m interested whether or not the amsoil is any better than royal purple, pretty much the only reason I use royal purple is cause it already has the friction modifier for my rear diff, otherwise it’s too expensive in my opinion. From what I’ve read the amsoil is good stuff.

P.S. It’s so nice having the fresh frame under there, no more rot

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