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I’m not 100% sure on the brand of lift, pretty sure its got 5″ lift springs front/rear, 3″ axle block in the rear, and a rear axle “panhard” bar. I’ll put a picture up (after I take one to help explain myself). Also 3″ body lift.

Has 30-spline longfields, and 5.29 E-lockers. Lockers are relay activated with switches in the dash. Both axles have guards to protect e-locker actuators.

I’ve got a 3-ring binder full of receipts. Still digging through for lift details. If you’re really interested we can try to meet up so you can look through it all

The doubler is legit, one of my favourite features for sure. No clutch slipping, no stalling, just point and shoot. First truck I’ve ever had with REALLY low gears.

truck is built super well by former SONTT member….just a shame I don’t get to use it more. Just once in last 14-months since I bought it.

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