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So just being selfish here. Due to my work schedule really only freeing me for Sundays, and this being a 4hr drive from the Cambridge/KW area…. would anyone be wanting to plan a day trip on a Sunday?

I’ve yet been able to do anything quiet as fun as this looks like it can be, and am hesitate at going it solo with just my family, so I thought I would see since it’s being talked about, would a few want to set something up?

For teaching my sorry ass, I’d be more than happy to buy burgers and such, bring along my tailgate grill and we can make a day of it with the fam.

If its a day trip I can bring the  4Runner instead of the Tundra, or if the trails are known to be wide enough, I may just bring the Tundra.



edit: Just got July 17th – 19th off for some vacation. So if those dates work for anyone, we’d be interested.


, sorry for hijacking your thread =P

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