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Everything is complete, well, almost.

Box and topper combo is mounted, front bumper is primed and mounted along with the winch, summer tires/rims on, and brake lines finished

So here is what I meant about the lower ball joints

02 lower ball joint tie rod hole

vs 03 lower ball joint tie rod hole

The bumper prepped for primer

dark green self etching primer

I was short on time sooo….

I threw the bumper on so I could get the box mounted

Today was a huge debacle with brake lines, bought all the brake lines I thought I needed, didn’t have enough, was driven back to the parts store (before I started) to get more. Alright, now I thought I was ready, bent up half the break lines and realized the abs system uses buble flares, great, so went back to the parts store to get all the lines for the master and abs which must both use buble flares, so I got my lines, bent up two lines, removed the fitting from the cut line from the master to the abs unit….. “you have to be kidding”. The fittings at the master are double flare, the only fittings that are buble flare are the 5 lines from the abs unit, so I had to buy 4 of 5 lines over again in imperial thread 3/16 line, then use an imperial to japanese thread buble adapter on one end and a double flare japanese adaptor at the other end.

In the end it worked out, drove to get some gas and brakes work well, a slight amount of air in the system still but I’ll deal with that tomorrow.

I think looks pretty cool in person, looks different, in a good way, haven’t decided on a colour yet but im thinking matte grey/battleship grey. I’ll be getting rid of the roller fairlead for hawse in black at some point.


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