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Not as much as id like Mark, running behind on getting the safety done. I burned up the first 10 days on my Temporary sticker, without accomplishing anything. I have another 10 days, but id like to eliminate 90% of the the issues before I do. Its not a big list, I just don’t have the time, and I don’t want to pay someone to do the easy stuff. I’m stubborn that way.

So apparently, according to the dealership, the climate control back lights must be working for a safety.


I looked at the MTO website for Certification criteria, and found the main instrument cluster must be lite. No mention of secondary clusters like radio or heating/cooling. The shifter lights must work (which will be the next project), thats it.

Whatever! So I’m playing it safe, its an easy, cheap fix. I was going to do it anyway, because it’s annoying they didn’t work.

Heres a how-to video, not mine…

Pics from my project. I did this during the ice storm. Sat in the Runner wrenching on the dash.


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