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Thanks man! I’m really pushing to try to get this thing done before I go back to work. Had some struggles in the last weeks, I wrecked the clutch disk installing it and had to get another, which is on its way. The list is getting smaller but there’s still a lot to do. I’m done painting I did my header today too. The Por15 you can get at Canadian tire or I bought some at autozone too, I think it’s like 65 bucks but it is impossible to get off. Great for axles and frame and even body work if you want to paint over it (though it’s very difficult to sand)

I installed the backing plate eliminators, bent the hard brake line that goes to my extended braided lines, filled diff fluid, painted header, fixed some coolant leaks

  • To do list: clutch and tranny back in
  • Wilwood proportioning valve and all brake lines
  • torque everything that needs it (quick)
  • Oil change and coolant flush
  • driveshafts (quick)
  • install rear bumper and winch (quick)
  • I’d like to do a manual temp gauge, I need to drill an old thermostat housing I have to see if there is enough material to drill and tap for a sensor m
  • alignment and steering stabilizer (quick job
  • Get a safety certificate and insurance

The trail gear bumper doubles as a drying rack

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