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This is basically up to date now, here’s a to do list:

  • IFS rear axle with new seals
  • castor shims
  • ujoints all around
  • brakes all around
  • new seals in the front axle
  • the blower fan resistor
  • manual temp gauge or fix the SR5 cluster
  • clutch isn’t engaging all the way, figure that out, hopefully its just adjustment in the pedal
  • rear window doesn’t work
  • all brake lines
  • hook up ebrake
  • New pitman arm and tie rod end
  • install steering stabilizer
  • coolant was leaking from the front of the motor somewhere, after I got it running I noticed, but then I put it away for the year. Really hoping it’s just the water pump
  • install window trim and badges
  • build rear bumper and tire carrier

I should be able to bang a lot of that out in one day with some help.

After all that I can start looking at a pop up trailer to lift! Also here’s what I’m thinking about doing for a rear bumper. I’m open To suggestions for sure, I just don’t have a way of bending tube right now so I’d prefer mostly square. I did have these rear quarter panel armour bent up from DOM by a friend though.

This was the inspiration for paint

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