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Heres the the rest of version 2.0- the body swap and paint. I used rustoleum 2x painters touch paint. I did a lot of prep work and I considered having it painted professionally, but just couldn’t justify it for a crawler.

Engine bay clean up and sprayed

Base coat, this was back in September/October

Best part: laying down some SR5 stripes!    😀

First time outside all assembled, got the top all painted too, I just did it with a small roller, turned out OK I think

It’s funny how others can look at all these pictures and it seems like progress is going really fast, and there are no hiccups. This is a year and a half of work. Probably over 100 hours of prep work on the body. Hours of taping and painting, and sanding. I was beyond excited to get back to re-assembly and mechanical. I will never, ever, paint another vehicle again.

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