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“hey aiden, that’s literally a true north toyota truck. how long are you going to be up there?”

Flying back today unfortunately Mark. My gf is doing a locum at the hospital in Fort Smith, NT. She needed a set of wheels for the winter so we drove the 4runner out for her to use. Great time of year for a drive too…. (🤔🔫😵) 50hrs in a vehicle with your significant other ……you’ll hardly notice the cr@p weather lol. Total whiteout’s in Northern Ontario, 8″ of snow on the unplowed highway through Terrace Bay to Nipigon, Moose everywhere at night, you know….. fun stuff. When the roads were clear and straight (Saskatchewan/Alberta) I let the gf drive……for the most terrifying 6hrs of my life! 😨 Made the rest seem easy, Ha! I just hope the old girl (4runner) survives the winter up there.


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