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you should get as good a trade value for your taco as i did for my ’07 slick! hammer them hard, go in with a well thought out offer and be ready to do the deal right away. i had been looking at this one for a while, ever since i found out they were discontinuing them. it was the dealer demo, 10k on it.

there was another guy looking at it, had been in 3-4 times already and was just waiting to put a deposit on it. no dilly dallying, its mine! he who hesitates missed the exit and is 5 miles out of their way!

ryan, i can look and see if the 60 is still around for you! i took a cursory look at it and it looks to be in pretty good shape. obviously, the front knuckles need some attention as there is significant oil residue around the locking hubs. that could just be the typical leaking packing but the truck was straight and no indication of any body work.

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