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3 Months… I hear ya Steve. We just moved in and we have the same situation as you and countless others did and will. Thought it would take a lot less time to clear garage for vehicles. LIFE GETS IN THE WAY! Unfortunately my vehicle’s battery gave up the ghost yesterday am. Nothing a lunchtime trip to Costco with Sweetie and 20 min in work’s parking lot couldn’t solve. Fueled by good spirits (not the liquid kind) and Costco hot dogs! Thank the wrench gods that nothing went snap/crack due to the chill. Good motivator to get on clearing the garage. I am very grateful for finally getting a garage even though it has shrunk. Hey Ryan/Kev. Still remember “Dave’s freezing wrench day” in your driveway a few Novembers ago. Can’t thank you guys enough. And yes, even you Kev. Eventually we’ll have the house warming, but I’ll be more stoked for the garage warming party (esp after the gas heater gets installed)!

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