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I really think 20×30 would be a lot nice to work in than 20×20. Most Toyota’s are 16ish feet long depending on model. With a front bumper sticking out and a hitch at the back you get tight for space.

I’m spoiled because my wife and I rent out of parents place still, and it has a 2 bay 30×30 roughly. Most of one side is filled with equipment for work as you see in most of my pics. But even working in the one bay it’s enough to get done what you need. If you have stationary tools though stuff adds up fast. One guy I saw on another forum had all his tools on casters so he could roll them out.

When you’re limited in space you’re a lot wiser about where you place things and effective use of storage though.

Ive though about adding another sea can on my parents property and framing them in with a roof and sliding door. It’s very far from the house though and tough to get the power I need for a compressor and welder etc.


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