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Personally, I do not have a garage. I dream hourly about owning a garage.
Many of you know I have a basement work shop jammed full of machine tools, to the point of not being able to work safely anymore. Ive outgrown my space years ago, and stress over my lack of space is something fearse. All of my welding is done in the driveway when weather, seasons and time align like the stars in the sky. Waiting for these so called stars to align is frustrating. Same with wrenching on my truck. My driveway has seen a lot of action through the years, many-a-rig have been lifted, fixed and modified there. We’ve had a few wrench-a-thons. But again, weather dictates as do the seasons. I’m tired of waiting around to get things done.

I can’t complain to much. Having a driveway to work in can take you far. Ultimately a a garage is a way better environment to work in.

I got fed up with not having a covered space to wrench and work in, so I rented a workshop/garage. Good rental price, but quite a distance to drive if I want to play. The current situation is growing old.

Recently I was looking at out finances and realized we could build a garage in the backyard. I created a few floor plans to accommodate the machines I own and space to park the Tacoma and work on it.

Obviously the bigger the garage the better. Id build the maximum size garage I can that the city bylaws would allow. I could care less about the then limited backyard space. The wife didn’t share my ideals. Anyway long story short, due to circumstances beyond my control, the garage planning was thrown back into the dusty heap of desires. So I’m back to square one… dreaming of the day I get my garage.

It got me thinking of garage sizes. Obviously the bigger the better.. Right? But most of us are not in that situation. The biggest garage I would be allowed to build as per the bylaws would be 20’x30′. I could do quit well in a space that size. Then I looked at 16’x30′ and 20’x20′ to give us more backyard. I could squeeze in that space and still be happy… I think? Maybe not.

Anyway, it will be a long while before I can think of building.

What is your situation?


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