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The shop is now 90% cleared of clutter, and I just have to rearrange a few heavier items to get Redee parked inside for the winter.  Hope to get my neighbour to pop over tomorrow while my girls are at school.

Not sure which task to undertake first, a tossup between a full brake system overhaul and full fuel system overhaul. I’ll prolly flip a coin for it, either way I’ll be spending a fair bit of time under Redee, and that’s A-OK with me.

Where should I bring the gas tank with 30-60 litres of varsol in it for proper disposal?

Where does one buy POR-15? Figure I’ll give the frame a coat while I’ve got all the fuel and brake lines off.  Spend some hard hours in the name of Preservation, before I have to put in longer hours cutting & welding frame and floors.

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