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The steering shaft doesn’t need any fabricated modifications, although I did replace the crappy roll pins that holds the slip shaft in the upper column together. The role pin sheared while wheeling a couple years ago causing play in the steering. A small tack weld replaced the role pin. The tack weld is small enough to shear if I have a front end impact during an accident, but strong enough to keep the steering tight and responsive.

The Trailgear (Borgenson) parts are a direct bolt together system. I bought the Borgenson collapsable lower steering shaft separately a couple years ago. I bought the Trailgear U-joint to steering box part to replace the original Borgenson U-joint I bought before the Trailgear U-joint was available. The original joint would have required some modification to the splines in order to fit.

My cable conversion came from

Looking at the price of the kits may make you choke. But comparing the price of a new Toyota e-locker actuator, the Chilkat kit is great bang for the buck. IMO, the cable is WAY better and extremely reliable, simple design. I can also lock my rear in 2wd, locker you can’t do that without wiring mods.


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