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SUCCESS!!!  Redee is alive!! and spun 180 degrees in the driveway for the next phase of poop cleaning.

Cross one item off the list though.  Chevy electrical refurb = DONE-ish.  I’ll put some more effort in cleaning up the routing of all the wires under the hood over the winter, but for now it’s good enough to maneuver around the driveway and into the shop (once I get more $hit out of there).  Overall it cost me about $130 to replace the following parts;

  • Spark plugs + wires
  • Distributor cap + Rotor + Points + Condensor
  • Ignition coil

Unfortunately because I’m running from a Jerry can, I can’t reap the benefits of the excess fuel return line back into the tank.  In about 90 seconds, Redee chugged back and re-directed more than 10L of fuel at barely an idle.  All that excess which was re-directed back into the tank is gonna get drained as part of the fuel system refurb.   Oh well, worth it!  Redee is a lot quieter than I thought, nice little rumble.  I’m sure the dB output will be significantly different under load and at varying throttle angles.  A good day today.

New mess of wires

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