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Mark, broken collar bone is still slowing me down, but after 8-weeks since breakage, I’m tired of doing NOTHING.  Chipping away slowly is keeping me sane, and finally paying off.  Redee has been in my driveway almost 3-months, and before my tumble I had hoped to have had the maiden voyage by now, but such is life.

Ryan, glad to hear somebody has first-hand experience with Painless kits.  I’ve seen them used for years on the TV wrenching shows I grew up on, but never actually seen one in person. They look awesome on TV, but who really knows just how much prep/cursing/editing it takes to make a 22-minute show.

I know Redee has run before on the current wiring setup, but under the hood it’s not pretty.  I have a bucket of removed OEM connectors and sensors, and unfortunately the other end of the removed harness is just dangling or zip-tied to a nearby fastener.  Who knows if I’ll clean up the wiring this winter or next year, I guess it depends how long and cold it is this year (ugggh, can’t believe I said winter already). I think I’m in decent shape though, as the Holley Pro-injection unit basically handles most of the 350 thinking (as far as I’ve learned, please anybody school me).  It has 12-colour coded wires going to it, 6 for power, 6 for sensors.  I’m pretty sure wednesday when the girls are at school, I’ll dig my way down to the distributor cap to try to clean up the cap and rotor.  If Redee coughs to life (or at least shows signs of waking up) I’ll head to Davenports to replace the cap / rotor / wires.

I’ve never had trouble with the drums in any of my Toyotas, nor have I had brakes I deemed “inadequate”.  Ok that last part is a bit of a stretch, it maybe possible that 4Runneree had multiple failed master cylinders, and a leaking booster, but that just meant I got really good at stomping the brake pedal to the floor…in a panic.  Makes sense though, I had to put the clutch to the floor to start the 4Runneree, and put the throttle to the floor to merge and overtake, it’s quite understandable that the brake pedal wanted to feel the floor pans too.

What is a micro line lock and how is it different from a “conventional” line lock?

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