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Painless wiring kits are pretty good. The wiring harness’ess’ess I helped install into a Mach 1 went really smooth and easy . The wires were labeled well and had extra length that can be shortened if needed. That being said, the Mach 1 suffered wiring issues with performance aftermarket   Do-dads, to the point where the Mustang was brought to a dedicated Mustang guru mechanic.

IMO the wiring kit was really nice and worth the money to avoid hassles for the average vehicle build.

I’ve  been looking at e-brake options and came to the conclusion that if I can swing a t-case ebrake system, financially, I’ll do it. If not, I’ll stick with rear drums. I’ve had issues with every vehicle I’ve owned when it comes to e-brake cables. Every one of them seized. To re-enforce the ebrake during heavy winching, I’m going to add a couple Wilwood line locks or possibly a Mico line lock if the price is right. I wouldn’t use line locks as an ebrake they aren’t designed to hold for long periods of time. If you brake a line or fitting, the line lock would be useless. Last time I winched my ebrake failed to hold.

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