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I thought the rear disk would be worthwhile, but I never really saw the benefits on BigRunner as I only put about 100km on the truck, and that was with failed rear wheel bearings.  For rear disk, the cost/timing factor is there; I can either refurb the current setup with wheel cylinders and shoes for under $100, or swap to disk for closer to $400-500.  The tipping factor will be the condition of the rear wheel bearings, if they need to be replaced might as well go disk at the same time.  Glad I’ve got time to figure it out, but you’re right Evan, might as well get it done with half the costly parts already in my inventory.

Working around the rain this morning, I got the oil and filter dropped and re-filled in the 350, pulled the old plugs and turned the motor over to prime it with oil.  I ran a fuel line extension through a new flow through filter and into a jerry can.  New plugs in, a little gas down the TBI and gaver a crank.  *holds breath with fire extinguisher ready* crank crank crank crank crank crank, nadda.  Pulled a plug wire off the motor, put on an old plug to check for spark.  Not even a weak spark.  If it ever stops raining today I’ll try to pop the cover off the distributor, I’m sure the rotor and points have at lease some corrosion on them interfering with spark.  If that’s not the case, I’ll have to start digging through connections and grounds to find a culprit somewhere.

I was hoping to get the truck fired up, so I could spin it around 180* in my driveway the easy way. With the nose facing uphill, I’ll be able to have better drainage from under the dash when I spray and wash it out.

Positives from today. 1) the old oil was a great colour, with no water in the pan either.  2) Cranking the motor over and the mechanical oil pressure gauge climbs appropriately.  3) the fuel pump is pulling fuel into the motor while cranking over.  4) the plugs and filter I bought today were both cheap and correct on the first try.  I wonder if I’ll have the same luck with a distributor cap and rotor?

ps. Is there anybody with child-sized hands who also stands 8′ tall interested in trying to remove the distributor cap from the maze of wire connections surrounding it?  I was previously advised to consider re-wiring the truck, a general cleanup is required.

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