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“Body Damage” loving it Ryan.

I’ve heard that bounce sheets are deterrents for rodents, but I don’t have real evidence to support  regardless I liaded up the carpets I washed with them, so hopefully in the spring I don’t have to rewash ’em.

Tires, currently has 15-year old 33″x12.5″x15″  AT on 10.5″ wide American Racing rims.  Tires are garbage now, badly dry rotten, perhaps one of them suitable for a full-size spare. Or more excitingly, the longest set of 11’s a Yota has ever laid. (Or a grenading t-case, hmmmm not very responsible).  Thinking of going with 33″ Duratracs, but would prefer a skinny tire over wide. Wish Duratracs had a 33/34″ x 9.5/10.5.  33×12.5 Duratracs go on sale monthly for less than $220 ea before taxes etc….can’t argue the price or performance you get.  And 33×10.5″ KM2 are too expensive for me

Suspension, currently has a 4.5″ IFS bracket lift, and lift springs in the rear. Chevy 63s have been on my short list for years, but I wanna give the current setup a full year before I change it to see how well it performs as-is.  Perhaps add a trac-bar, something to curb axle wrap.

Brakes, T100 master booster and front calipers will go on over winter, and new hard&flex lines front to back. I’ve had a propotioning valve in my tool box for 6-years now. Also had a t-case ebrake in that same box just as long. To rebuild the stock drums, or go rear disk?

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