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Okay so, where did I leave off here? Hmmm, looks like it was around the time the rust was being replaced with steel.

About a month ago the chassis got the Por-15 treatment, with some matte-black tremclad to go over it.

Now I’m finally able to say my truck was getting a new bed, and it got said new bed, and it isn’t even Christmas.

Might look a bit crooked in this picture, only a couple of the bolts were on because the bed needed to get aligned first.

The tail lights got put on and locations for the marker lights were also drilled out (though those aren’t mounted yet because I don’t have the hardware for them atm).

Had a wedding to attend a couple weekends ago and last weekend was a backyard work-a-thon so work on the truck had to get put off for a bit.

My wiring harness is like this in most places, a lot of the connectors are in poor shape too. Looks like the next thing to do is build a new harness for the truck!

I actually only need to follow about 60% of this wiring diagram, it includes completely unecessary things like wiring for something called a distributor, and some other funny thing called an ignition coil.

There are six primary wire colours and six secondary (stripe) colours. Instead of buying $300 worth of 12 different colours of wire, I decided the easier and cheaper route would be to go with the 6 primaries (most of which is green) and to use heat shrink to designate the secondary colours wherever there’s a splice or termination.

And so it begins!

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