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I’m really really happy with the trailer, I’m glad it matches the 80s theme too. The couple that I got it from in Toronto used it once a year for 30 years and they kept pretty good care of it given it’s age. They always stuffed it full of dryer sheets so it smells nice and has no bugs. It’s no comparison to tenting or even a RTT in my opinion. There’s just so much more space and comfort but it does definitely have maneuverability downsides.

With that said if you can go slow and smooth enough it followed my truck down some pretty awesome obstacles. The pintle hitch was worth it considering it only took an hour to convert. I’m certain the ball and coupler would have met it’s limits and it would have broken for sure.

I think the samurai has 27 or 28s I’m not even sure. I wish you could see the setup to drive it. Funny story: it caught fire before our trip and it burned up the throttle cable and clutch cable but it still ran. so 2 days before we left the owner made no ones. The clutch was a long shhifter that came right off the tranny, it looked like a really tall big rig shifter and mounted on the top  was a bicycle brake and cable that operated the throttle. So you had to clutch and throttle with your right hand and shift the shifter with the other and steer. I wish I got a video.

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