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Thanks for the kudos on the BigRunner, but my term has already come to an end.  I sold it to Nick_386 about a month ago.

*Hi-jack alert*

In the 14-months I owned the BigRunner, I only managed to get it out once, and Mark almost put as many km on it as I did in Ardbeg.  4Runner was great, just not quite what I needed for my family.  Essentially I’d be undoing 75% of Mike’s fab work to get it where I wanted it to be, and that wouldn’t be fair to the truck, which was built right for the task.

Grabbed myself a low km 1986 4Runner, 4″ bracket lift, chev 350, TH350, and almost no rust for less than half what I paid for the BigRunner. Way more tame for family trips to the beach taking the roads less travelled, yet still capable of handling my adventure needs on 33’s with air lockers.


Anyways, looking forward to the next updates on the Taco.

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