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I left home around 5:40 this (Tuesday) morning and after meeting up with my father we headed out from my folks’ place around 6:15. Mostly uneventful aside from a big slowdown due to construction that required a slight detour and a light rain, we got there around 8:40. The depot is a gloriously chaotic place that had a good 500 trailers sitting in the lot, about 120 loading bays that I was able to count, and seems to be forever stuck mid-transition between paper and paperless. Bed was there for 9 days before they finally got around to saying it was ready for pickup because someone didn’t read the waybill.

Anyways, around 9:45 or so, and 10 full days after it arrived in Brampton, my truck bed worth at least 11 beater Honda Civics (every time my mom asks me how much it cost I tell her this) was signed for and we were out of there.

I hope finally you guys who never seen one in person can truly understand just how large a FJ45 lwb longbed is. My father’s truck is is a 2012 Silverado 1500. Front of the crate was almost flush to the bed it contained, which was probably 3″ off the back wall of the Silverado’s bed. Pretty sure that means mine’s longer.

We got back around 12:30 and I went home to let my dogs out. At around 2, the bedgle had landed, I think it actually weighs under 400lbs in crate, the two of us were able slide it off onto the ground with minimal fuss. We’re pretty sure once the crate’s off it’ll be an easy lift.

These are some pretty thicc panels (walls are 5/32″ and floor is 3/16″):

The mounts are beefy too:

Latches and hinges and mounting hardware’s all stainless and the latches look great but also like they would be at home on a barn door:

It’s not completely right yet in my mind, missing a few things that my Toyota-psychosis will not tolerate long term. Like the three hooks on the tailgate the manufacturer forgot to add but after a quick email they are sending them to me free-of-charge. For now they won’t be going on and the bed won’t be getting painted, but do expect three hooks, raised letters, and hoops to be added to the tailgate and ribs to be added to the deck.

That’s all for now, I’ve gotten a buttload of parts in the mail but most of them are at the shop now and I don’t really have anything to take pictures of here.

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