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Haha thanks Finn, don’t be fooled I’m not working much right now because we haven’t had any snow so I’m not at work everyday like you guys are. But this build is very much so a budget build.

My wife and I don’t work full time, and we try to live a pretty simple life, we volunteer a couple days a week and we like to travel, we don’t have kids, we rent the basement at my parents house. Luckily my dad is cool with my taking over the garage and he likes to see that im building something cool instead of sitting around.

But the budget on this truck is small. Almost all the cool parts on this truck I wheeled and dealed and got used. Saved alerts on kijiji are a wonderful thing, but when parts come up you like you have to drive to go get them. I paid 700 for the whole blue truck and tried to use everything that I could from my Orange one before I scrapped it.

This tire carrier is built out of scrap steel that I snagged from one of my clients lol. I always like to tell people that you can have something cool you just have to BUILD it yourself. And you don’t have to buy top shelf, full price parts from 4 wheel parts.

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